Cookie policy

"Cookie" is a small text file that contains information and is stored on your computer. Cookies are used exclusively for technical purposes to facilitate the use of the website. One type of cookie stores the file permanently on your computer. It can then be used to personalize websites based on user choices and interests. The second main type of cookie is called "session cookie". When you visit a web page, your computer and server pass the session cookie files to access the information. The session cookie files disappear when you turn off your browser. For more general information on cookies, visit

The cookies that ASSA ABLOY specifically uses on this site are (the cookie storage time is listed in brackets below its name):

  • .ASPXROLES (session) - This is a cookie that is used to store role names for logged in users. It is used to distinguish the role that the logged-in user belongs to. It can only be applied to sites that use a password-protected area.
  • .ASPXAUTH (session) - This cookie is used to determine whether a user is authenticated or not, but only when the user logs on. It can only be applied to sites that use a password-protected area.
  • .EPiServerLogin (session) - This cookie is used to identify the logged-in user. It is used to distinguish which user is logged in. It can only be applied to sites that use a password-protected area.
  • backgroundImageIndex (session) - This cookie is used for reference on the home page to set the opening image in the presentation.
  • ASP.NET_SessionId (session) - ASP.NET uses this cookie to determine the requirements that belong to a particular session. This file allows you to remember and distinguish users. It can only be applied to sites that use a password-protected area.
  • accountIndex (1 Year) - This cookie is used to track an active account. It can only be applied to sites that have an internal e-shop enabled.

In addition, we allow certain third parties to set up and access third-party cookies on this site. They are:

Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics Web Builder tool sets cookies to record visitor information and visitors to our website. We use the statistics to improve the user experience when visiting the site. The cookies are:

  • _utma (2 years)
  • _utmz (6 months)
  • _utmc (session)
  • _utmb (30 minutes)



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Widgets of social media

Websites can use social media widgets to allow users to share the content of our websites on different social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). To learn how, and what information, these third parties collect and what cookies they use, review the social platform's privacy policy.

If you do not want cookies to be accepted, you can set your browser to automatically refuse to store these files or to let you know whenever a website requests permission to save the file. You can also delete your previously saved cookies through your browser. See your browser's help for more information. Please note, however, that some areas or features of this website are dependent on cookies, and if you delete or disable them, the areas and features may not be functional.